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Hassle-Free Septic Pumping Services

Older septic systems have a common problem. Most of these systems have a small tank that gets filled up quickly or they have an ineffective filter. To avoid such problems, get in touch with the professionals from AA American Septic.


Our timely intervention will ensure that your septic system continues to function optimally. It will also reduce the maintenance expenses. Call 253-499-7087 to schedule your service today!


As soon as you assign your septic cleaning job to us, we take charge and relieve you of your worries.

Effective Septic Pumping

Older septic tanks can fill up within three to five years. Regular pumping is the best way to keep your septic system and drain field unclogged. It prevents costly repairs and keeps the septic tank from overflowing.


You can schedule a one-time visit to your place where we'll pump out the tank and clean the filters or schedule a regular septic maintenance and cleaning service. Our septic pumping and cleaning services are designed to make your system run efficiently. With us around, you won't have to make frequent maintenance calls.

State-Monitored Waste Disposal

As an environmentally conscious company, we ensure that we collect and dispose of the waste from your septic system in an environmentally safe manner. The waste collected will be discharged in a state-sanctioned and county-monitored treatment plant. We offer a $20 DISCOUNT to senior citizens and members of the military.