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Meticulous Septic Inspections

Is the septic tank at your home overflowing? It could happen if the tank is full or if the filters are clogged. Thorough inspections and examinations made by the professionals from AA American Septic will lead to proper identification of the right causes and solutions.


Call 253-499-7087 today to schedule your appointment! Be sure to ask us about our available maintenance agreement when you call. 

Comprehensive Septic Inspection Services

  • Site visit

  • Full component and functionality check and repair, if needed

  • Online access to data input

  • Pumping

  • Report filing, including filing of fees

  • Arrangements with the county for follow-up visits

  • Preparing operation and maintenance contracts for systems that need mandatory inspections


We have a reputation of working under tight deadlines. Having one of the fastest turnarounds in the area, you can count on us to deliver quick services, especially when mandatory filing deadlines are close. In general, the whole process takes three to four days, including all the necessary paperwork.

High-Quality Video Documentation

Video documentation of your septic system is one of the most effective methods of locating, determining, and documenting a problem. With the help of this method, you'll have concrete evidence. This method may hold immense value for a new construction project or if you're trying to sell your property.


Rest assured that you'll get personalized services and attention to detail for every job.