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Keep Your Septic System Running Smooth With Our 3-Year Maintenance Agreement

What are the benefits of this maintenance agreement?

Peace of Mind: Proper maintenance on your septic system is an important factor in limiting backups and helps with maximizing the life span of your septic system.


Increasing Prices: Disposal costs are constantly rising - you would be locked into the current prices for the length of your contract!


System Costs: Inspecting and pumping your system is the one of the cheapest things we do. Installing new septic systems can be costly and a large process; a new septic system runs from $15,000-$30,000.


Regulations: Programs like these are set up so homeowners don’t have to worry about their septic system but can stay within county requirements. Our regular visits to your site will cover the annual to tri-annual visits that are being required by the counties.


Preventative Maintenance: With regular maintenance, we can catch failing components in most instances and be proactive to prevent further damage to components or system.

It includes:

  • An inspection every 6 months

  • A written report

  • A pump out at the end of your contract

What do we check?

  • Scum and sludge levels in your tank

  • All baffles and filters inspected and cleaned if needed. 

  • Testing of your electrical components (pump, floats, alarm, etc)

In order to qualify:

  • Your system must be risered to grade on all necessary components

  • System must have been pumped within 6 months of signing up

  • Credit card must be on file for monthly payments due on the first of every month

Agreement does not include:

  • Warranty on your septic system

  • Warranty on your electrical components

  • County filing fees (if required)